Inspiring Minds in Osgood is now enrolling 6 weeks - 12 years, call: 701-282-9062 or email: inspiringmindsfargo@gmail.com 

    KidVentures has 6 weeks -school age openings, call: 701-281-1313 or email: kidventureshorace@gmail.com 

    Need to drop of the kids while you run out? Don't forget Club Kids!                  Call: 701-478-9229

Mission Statement

TeddyLil Bloomers provides a structured learning environment to give children the best possible emotional, physical, intellectual and social developmental growth.

We believe that learning these traits are the basis for a happy, creative, and well-rounded child.

We provide a positive nurturing environment where children are exposed to stimulating activities; which encourages them to develop problem solving skills, social interaction, and brain development. They are encouraged to be independent, to satisfy their natural curiosities, and be given the opportunity to play which develops self esteem and cognitive skills.